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Protest! Alisa Klein at Michael Brown Rally

Northampton City Councilor speaks at a November rally regarding Michael Brown’s death.

Protest! New War in Middle East

Reese Erlich, journalist recently returned from the Middle East talks at Northampton Friends Meting house. Introduced by Sut Jhally. Topic, “Assad, Islamic State, Obama and new wars in the Middle East.

Protest! Hiroshima and Nagasaki 8/9/14

Video by Paki Wieland Edited by Terrance Smith

Protest! Israeli Embassy

Video Paki Wieland. Edited by Melanie Beck.

Protest! Bishop Tom Gumbleton

Protest! Flood Wall Street

Protest! Raging Grannies of Montreal

Protest! Francis Day Agape

Francis Day, Oct.4. 2014 Agape, Ware Mass Talks by Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Frida Berrigan. Focus on the work of Eco-Theologian, Thomas Berry

Protest! Josh Reubner

Protest! Tribute to Dr Eyad 10/28/14

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